India Acts East

6:00 PM

Two Asian powerhouses with a common goal – economic co-operation and prosperity. India and ASEAN: Turning cultural linkages into cross-border business opportunities.

Since its economic reform programme launched in 1991, India and ASEAN have been sowing the seeds for mutual enterprise and growth. The former is a regional economic and cultural heavyweight, and the latter collectively forms the seventh-largest economy in the world.

Now, cultures intertwine. Physical and people connectivity has increased. ASEAN has become India’s fourth-largest trading partner. Closer ties and business collaborations have emerged, particularly with Myanmar and Thailand.

As India continues to redefine its political, cultural, and economic relationships with ASEAN, what sustained benefits will the Act East policy yield? How will the India-ASEAN partnership evolve for the future? Join us for this two-part series and find out.

Interstitial 9: Cambodia Telpha

Interstitial 9: Cambodia Telpha

Officially known as the “Kingdom of Cambodia”, the Indianized kingdom is gradually stepping up from low-income to lower middle-income economy. As Cambodia is in the midst of reforming it’s economy, Indian pharmaceutical company, Telpha Inc, recognizes the importance of providing affordable medicine to the people of Cambodia.

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India Acts East

Interstitial 12: India Singapore

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