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Ageing Well

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Watch how Singapore is designing future-ready solutions to help its elderly age in place. Meet seniors who benefit from eldercare services and caregiver support. Discover how nursing homes are going the extra mile and providing integrated hubs to enable seniors to age with grace and dignity.

Aerial Asia

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Aerial Asia offers a rare glimpse of Asia's most treasured landmarks, all seen from breath-taking heights. This four-part series shot in stunning 4K captures the history and culture of this extraordinary continent and reveals a spectacular view of Asia that has never been seen before.

Asian Power Region

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Is the world shifting away from the big trade deals like the Obama administration-backed Trans Pacific Partnership to other pacts, led by Asians? This panel looks at what it will be like living in a post-TPP world.

Age Of Innovation

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Age of Innovation explores incredible innovations that have shaped Singapore. Digitally remastered and coloured archive brings this metropolis to life. From electricity to communications, construction to connectivity, travel by land air and sea, we follow a nation hundreds of years in the making.

A Little Red Dot Diplomacy

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Where does a little red dot like Singapore fit on the international stage of diplomacy? Explore the layered complexities of Singapore's foreign policy. Understand Singapore's relations with neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia and major powers USA and China through the eyes of those who were there.

ASEAN’s Next Generation Leaders (ANGeLs)

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From royalty to puppet artist, these are ten innovative and amazing under 40-year-olds primed to be ASEANs Next Generation Leaders (ANGeLs). This series will give a first-hand look into the life of each ANGeL and how each is bringing change to society, ASEAN and even the world, in a different way.

ASEAN Spotlight

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ASEAN Spotlight is a half-hour news magazine programme showcasing how ASEAN affects the lives of ordinary people across the region. The series will draw stories from each of ASEAN’s three areas of policy making and how they affect people’s lives. These are real-life, people based stories that reflect the needs and aspirations of ASEAN citizens whilst recognising the different characteristics and cultural sensitivities of each of the ASEAN Member States.

Asian Century

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In this landmark 4 part series, Channel NewsAsia deconstructs the pivotal events that have made the Asian Century. With rare archival footage and personal eyewitness testimony, we shed light on the pivotal events of the past.

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