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Who We Are

We eat, sleep and breathe Asia. Ok, that may sound like an exaggeration.

Yet, it’s what drives us each and every single day. To unearth, investigate, highlight and celebrate the rich diversity, complexity and increasing importance of this region.

We do it through our news - with one of the largest networks of Asia-based correspondents in the world.

We do it through our documentaries and factuals – award-winning, note-worthy productions of world-class standards.

And we do it through you, our ambassadors, who give us a boost when things go right, and let us know when sometimes they don’t.

So watch us, engage us and grow with us.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions
+I missed a programme on TV and want to watch it again. How do I do that?

You can catch the next telecast of the programme by checking out the TV listings. Or if you wish to catch the programme at your own time, we have two catch-up platforms for your convenience.

Click here to catch-up on full seasons of Channel NewsAsia programmes. Singapore viewers can access our over-the-top platform Toggle to catch up with Channel NewsAsia programmes, as well as productions from our slate of Mediacorp channels.

Do note that some programmes may not be available for catch-up. This includes programmes which contain online footage restrictions. We’re also unable to offer our acquired programmes for catch-up.

+What’s the difference in what’s shown on Channel NewsAsia in Singapore and in other countries?

There are some programming differences in our Singapore feed and the regional feed. This is due to rights restrictions which allow us to only show some programmes within Singapore. We also distinguish our programmes, in relation to the needs of the specific audiences.

However, rest assured that almost 90% of programmes on Channel NewsAsia are similar on both feeds.

+I find it a chore to read subtitles. Why don’t you dub over foreign soundbites like what other networks do?

Channel NewsAsia celebrates the diversity of Asia and this includes the languages and accents of this region. We prefer to retain the authenticity of the spoken word for all our programmes, and provide English subtitles as translation.

However, you may find that some of our acquired programmes contain dubbed translations.

+Why are the same programmes repeated through the week?

Channel NewsAsia is a 24-hour news and current affairs channel, catering to viewers of different lifestyles. Our factual programmes premiere at 8pm (SIN/HK), but are repeated at several times through the week. This is to enable viewers to catch our programmes at different times of the day, at their convenience.

+I’m a fan of your sports news. But why do you not show English Premier League match footage, instead of using stills?

Much as we would like to showcase as much sports footage as humanely possible, this is often not economically possible. Some sports, like the English Premier League, cost a premium for broadcasters and therefore are not viable to be shown on our sports news. We do however try to provide the most essential information like the score-board, the club standings as well as all the news off-the-pitch which we have the rights for.

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