Channel NewsAsia

Presenters and Correspondents

  • Lance Alexander

    Lance Alexander is an Executive Editor and Presenter. He currently co-hosts Channel NewsAsia’s daily breakfast programme, First Look Asia. You can also catch him on SportsWorld Weekend.

    Adam Bakhtiar

    Adam Bakhtiar joined Channel NewsAsia in February 2016. As Presenter of the International Business Desk, Adam fronts the channel’s newest dedicated business show, Asia Business First.

  • Yvonne Chan

    Yvonne Chan currently hosts the day belt news bulletin, News Now.

    Steven Chia

    Steven Chia moderates the new season of Talking Point, a “live” talk-show on the current topics of the day.

  • Chloe Cho

    Chloe Cho is Presenter and Executive Producer in Channel NewsAsia’s Current Affairs department. She presents, develops programmes, and oversees editorial content for the channel’s business shows, including the new weekly Investor Insights, and an interview series entitled, Millionaire Minds. She is also the co-host for the business reality show, Start-UP.

    Glenda Chong

    Glenda Chong currently anchors Primetime World and is the co-host of Primetime Asia. An award-winning presenter, Glenda returned to Singapore in March 2011 after serving as China Correspondent for 3 years in Shanghai.

  • Otelli Edwards

    Otelli Edwards joined Mediacorp’s News Division as a Producer/Presenter in 2007, after working in the media industry for 8 years. She currently presents the daily news bulletin on Channel 5, News 5.

    Cheryl Fox

    Cheryl Fox currently fronts News 5 on Channel 5.

  • Steve Lai

    Steve Lai currently fronts Primetime Asia and the Friday edition of Between The Lines. In his time at Channel NewsAsia, he has hosted the channel’s morning show, First Look Asia, and the midday one-hour news programme, Asia Connect.

    Gerard Lam

    Gerard Lam presents Channel NewsAsia's line-up of daily news programmes, News Now, as well as the weekly Primetime Weekend.

  • John Leong

    John Leong is currently a co-host on Channel NewsAsia’s prime time news programme, Singapore Tonight.

    Lin Xueling

    Lin Xueling is Presenter and Executive Producer of Channel NewsAsia’s premier interview series, Conversation With, which examines topics confronted by a rising and rapidly changing Asia from the perspective of movers and shakers in the region.

  • Loke Wei Sue

    Loke Wei Sue joined Channel NewsAsia in 2010 as Senior Producer and Presenter. She fronts many of the channel’s one-on-one formats and has presented the channel’s signature programme, Conversation With.

    Gasthoori Manickam

    Gasthoori Manickam currently co-presents Channel NewsAsia’s News Pulse, a fast-paced programme that delivers the latest news from around the world, every hour from midnight.

  • Dawn Tan

    Dawn Tan currently co-hosts Singapore Tonight, a one-hour programme that delivers local news and business updates.

    Gerardine Tan

    Gerardine Tan hosts Channel NewsAsia’s News Pulse, keeping viewers updated of world events through the wee hours of the morning.

  • Teresa Tang

    Teresa Tang co-hosts Channel NewsAsia’s breakfast programme, First Look Asia.

    Genevieve Woo

    Genevieve Woo currently presents Insight, Channel NewsAsia’s weekly current affairs programme that delves into the issues of the week.

  • Julie Yoo

    Julie currently fronts the channel’s daily news segment, News Now. Prior to this, she also hosted Channel NewsAsia's Asia Connect, a fast-paced delivery of the latest news from the Asian region with "live" updates from correspondents in key capital cities.

  • China, Beijing: Jeremy Koh

    Jeremy Koh is Channel NewsAsia's Correspondent in Beijing, covering a range of political, social and economic news about China.

    China, Shanghai: Valarie Tan

    Valarie Tan is Channel NewsAsia’s Correspondent in Shanghai after spending some five years as a reporter in Singapore, covering local and regional news.

  • Hong Kong: Roland Lim

    Roland Lim is the Hong Kong Bureau Chief for Channel NewsAsia and from his base in Hong Kong, also reports on Southern China and Macau.

    Hong Kong: Wei Du

    Wei Du is Channel NewsAsia’s Northeast Asia Correspondent

  • Indochina: Jackson Board

    Jackson Board is a senior correspondent for Channel NewsAsia's Indochina Digital Bureau, based in Phnom Penh. He reports on all aspects of Cambodian life and also travels regularly throughout the region for breaking and feature news coverage.

    Indochina: Pichayada Promchertchoo

    Pichayada Promchertchoo is Channel NewsAsia's Indochina Correspondent based in Phnom Penh. She covers politics, human rights, transnational crimes and environmental issues in Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos.

  • Indonesia: Chandni Vatvani

    Chandni Vatvani is Channel NewsAsia's Indonesia Correspondent. Based in Jakarta, she covers a range of economic, political and social news about Southeast Asia's largest economy

    Indonesia: Saifulbahri Ismail

    Saifulbahri Ismail joins the Indonesian Bureau in Jakarta in 2015.

  • Japan: Michiyo Ishida

    Michiyo Ishida has been Channel NewsAsia’s Japan Bureau Chief, based in Tokyo since the inception of the channel in 1999.

    Korea: Lim Yun Suk

    Lim Yun Suk is Channel NewsAsia’s Korea Bureau Chief based in Seoul. She has spent more than 10 years covering Korea for international wires such as Reuters, Agence France Presse and Bloomberg.

  • Malaysia: Melissa Goh

    Melissa Goh is Channel NewsAsia's correspondent for Malaysia. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Melissa has covered major events including the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, the Organisation of Islamic Conference and Non-Aligned Movement meetings.

    Malaysia: Sumisha Naidu

    Sumisha Naidu is Channel NewsAsia's Malaysia correspondent, covering issues ranging from politics to business to human interest stories.

  • Myanmar: May Wong

    May Wong is Channel NewsAsia’s Correspondent based in Myanmar. She has been a journalist for over 15 years covering mainly political and economic news.

    Philippines: Aya Lowe

    Aya Lowe is Channel NewsAsia’s Correspondent in the Philippines, based in Manila.

  • Southeast Asia: Sujadi Siswo

    Sujadi Siswo is Channel NewsAsia's Senior Southeast Asia Correspondent. He was Indonesia Bureau Chief, an appointment held since 2005 that saw the veteran journalist based in Jakarta, busy providing in-depth coverage of the Yudhoyono administration and disasters like the October 2005 Bali Bombings and the Java earthquake in May 2006.

    Taiwan: Victoria Jen

    Victoria Jen is Channel NewsAsia’s correspondent in Taiwan. Prior to her current posting, she was a senior producer for Channel NewsAsia in Singapore from 2008 to 2010.

  • Thailand, Bangkok: Panu Wongcha-um

    Panu Wongcha-um is Channel NewsAsia's Indochina Correspondent based in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Thailand, Bangkok: Saksith Saiyasombut

    Saksith Saiyasombut is Channel NewsAsia’s Indochina Correspondent based in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Vietnam: Tan Qiuyi

    Tan Qiuyi is Channel NewsAsia’s Correspondent in Vietnam covering the political, social and economic aspects of life in that dynamic Southeast Asian nation.